Written by Giavanna Foster

Olivia Moultrie appeared on the orange carpet at the 2019 Kids Choice Sports Awards. She thanked Nickelodeon and shared a motivational message. Here is the exclusive interview:

ARTSNLA: “How does it feel to be at the Kids Choice Sports Awards?”

Olivia Moultrie: “I mean, I’m just really grateful for this opportunity to be here and be around all these people. So, I’m just really excited.”

ARTSNLA: “Is this your first time attending?”

Olivia Moultrie: “Yes, it is my first time! So, I mean… Thank you, Nickelodeon. This is really exciting for me.”

ARTSNLA: “Who are you looking forward to seeing today?”

Olivia Moultrie: “Well, I heard Kawhi Leonard is going to be here and he’s my favorite player. So if I could see him, that would be really exciting.”

ARTSNLA: “ What do you want to say to your fans?”

Olivia Moultrie: “I would just say, like, anything is possible, man. Like, I’m here! I never thought I would be and, like, I’m just excited. And like, just follow your dreams.”

ARTSNLA: “Who is your biggest inspiration?”

Olivia Moultrie: “…Honestly, it would be the whole women’s national soccer team right now… Just how they fought for equal pay and equal rights for women and then watching them win the world cup was all really exciting.”

The 2019 Kids Choice Sports Awards airs August 10 on Nickelodeon.