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Gordon Ramsay is a professional master chef, restaurateur, and television personality. Ramsay also has a partnership with WWRD that includes Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, and Royal Albert. His international restaurants have earned a grand total of 16 Michelin stars. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, his primary signature restaurant, is the owner of 3 Michelin stars. Ramsay’s culinary journey exemplifies the product of success through consistent tenacity and due diligence. Also, Ramsay is a positive role model because he emphasizes the importance of cleanliness, time management, teamwork, and cooking at home with fresh ingredients. Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares demonstrate the extreme consequences of lacking teamwork and structure. Now, Ramsay has millions of social media followers worldwide.

Gordon Ramsay’s high reputation is shaped by his commitment to culinary perfection. Recently, Gordon Ramsay teamed up with Glu Mobile to create Gordon Ramsay Dash. It took two years to develop this highly anticipated digital project. Gordon Ramsay Dash made its debut in the Google Play and App stores on June 28, 2016. Ramsay’s culinary game has gained international fame and it is now the latest trending digital app. In Gordon Ramsay Dash, customers experience the atmosphere of realistic timed work shifts in a restaurant. All customers are given an avatar that can be customized with new upgrades that include a variety of aprons, outfits, and shoes. More upgrades are unlocked when the avatar reaches a new level in Gordon Ramsay Dash.

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Gordon Ramsay Dash features individual challenges as well as chef duels and sometimes free play events. (During the free play events, customers will be able to complete episodes without spending goods.) For the individual challenges, the first goal is to unlock the expert mode by earning three stars in each episode. After unlocking expert mode, customers will then have the opportunity to aim for five stars in as many episodes as possible. After earning stars in Gordon Ramsay Dash, customers will be rewarded with gold and coins that can be used to upgrade the food and appliances. Upgrading food will help you win more chef duels, earn maximum profits, and unlock more restaurants faster. Gordon Ramsay Dash currently has five international venues: Big Bay Burgers, Chef Arena, Pizza Paisan, Lucky Langoustine, and Delish n’ Chips. The VIP list expands as you reach a new FAME Tier. Sue, Mandy, Melon, Ty, and Nigel are part of the VIP list. They present customers with fame that can catapult them to success as a celebrity chef.

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I downloaded Gordon Ramsay Dash after I first heard about its debut in the Google Play app store. I’ve been playing for over two weeks now as Chef Gia and I simply love it. Gordon Ramsay Dash is the perfect simulation of a day’s work in the kitchen of a professional restaurant. Gordon Ramsay plays the role of a culinary mentor in Gordon Ramsay Dash. In the game, Ramsay oversees the service to help customers complete each level before the time runs out. Sometimes he helps complete your orders with the Frenzy Flare booster. However, you can build up the Frenzy Flare meter when all orders are completed in a timely manner. By working with Chef Ramsay in Gordon Ramsay Dash, customers learn the important relationship between teamwork and time management. This game has a realistic and adventurous culinary atmosphere. It teaches you how to pace yourself and stay alert.

Gordon Ramsay is a very talented and versatile chef who understands the importance of continuity. Honestly, I’m glad that Gordon Ramsay partnered with Glu to create this game. I love Gordon Ramsay Dash especially because it highlights the importance of culinary arts as an important life skill. This game also demonstrates that time management, structure, and teamwork are key factors that contribute towards maintaining a successful business. Gordon Ramsay Dash is now available to download in the Google Play and App stores. This game is compatible with all smartphones.

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