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If you watched Season 11 of The Voice, then you probably remember powerhouse vocalist Ali Caldwell. Her rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” resulted in a four-chair turn from all the coaches during her blind audition. Since then, Caldwell has gained a bigger fan base. She will be performing at SOB’s this week. Here is the scoop on Ali Caldwell:

Powerhouse vocalist Ali Caldwell stunned The Voice coaches during her blind audition. Ali’s vocals shined while she sang Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”. Her performance earned a standing ovation from the audience and coaches. It now has over 3.2 million YouTube views.

Keys called Caldwell a special artist, and Miley told her that she could win the show. Ali mentioned that she found her passion towards music by going to church. Then Alicia Keys gave Ali Caldwell a hug after her performance. Adam Levine also gave Ali a hug.

All the coaches wanted to work with Ali Caldwell. She chose: TEAM MILEY

Caldwell made it to the semifinals on The Voice‘s eleventh season. Caldwell’s authentic style and vocal techniques consistently shined through her performances. Caldwell sang renditions of Rihanna and Sade hits. Here, she performed a beautiful rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”. During this performance, Ali sported red hair and wore a beautiful gown with rose designs. This performance has over 912k YouTube views.

Caldwell was eliminated during Season 11’s semifinals round. A good sport, Ali kept her composure and displayed a positive attitude. Ali Caldwell enjoyed working with Miley Cyrus on The Voice. Optimistic, Ali knows she will have a bright future.

Fans recently tweeted to support Ali Caldwell. See some of the tweets below:

SOB’s, also known as Sounds of Brazil, is a live music venue in the lower Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo. SOB’s developed a reputation in the music industry as a breeding ground for emerging artists.

Performing at SOB’s can lead to recognition from international publications and music industry professionals. Usher, Major Lazer, Drake, and John Legend have performed at SOB’s.

Now, Ali Caldwell joins this list of featured performers. She will be performing at SOB’s on March 15. Ali tweeted to announce the news:

SOB’s, in New York, is on 204 Varick Street. SOB’s is known as the place “where legends are made”. Follow SOB’s on Twitter here.

Ali Caldwell said, “If you stay consistent and be true to yourself, anything is possible”. To add, she tweeted this powerful message:

Hard work, drive, and tenacity are the key ingredients of success. Ali’s inspirational life story exemplifies this message.

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