miraculWritten by Giavanna Foster

NBC’s The Voice has aired its last week of blind auditions. All four teams are filled with talented singers. This week, Hanna Eyre’s audition is trending on YouTube. Here’s the scoop:

Hanna Eyre is 15 and she is from Laguna Niguel, CA. Hanna Eyre’s blind audition has over 1.5 million views. Hanna sported brown hair and wore a black dress during her performance. Gwen, Blake, and Adam pushed the “I Want You” button. The coaches were amazed by Hanna’s pure, refined vocals.

Adam Levine expressed that Hanna is a talented singer and performer. He added that Hanna reminded him of Danielle Bradbery. Danielle is the champion of The Voice‘s fourth season.

Gwen Stefani told Hanna that she was looking for a sparkly, talented, and young performer. She said that Hanna Eyre has all of these qualities. Gwen added that she would love to work with her. Blake added that her approach is different from anyone he has listened to. He also said that Hanna’s voice has so much power and range. Blake Shelton was moved after listening to Hanna’s audition song.

“Maybe that’s only the tip of the iceberg with you and what you’re capable of,” Blake responded. “You have talent and you have this charisma. Every time you smile, the whole room lights up.”

Gwen, Blake, and Adam wanted to work with Hanna. She chose: TEAM ADAMHanna Eyre is advancing to The Voice‘s battle rounds.

Hanna Eyre is musically trained and she has a very supportive family. Since Hanna was 5, she has received piano lessons. From age 10 to age 12, Hanna received vocal lessons. Hanna’s family encourages the idea that she and her siblings can achieve their goals with hard work. Hanna appreciates the support that she receives from her family.

During an interview, Hanna Eyre said that her father signed her up for The Voice‘s blind auditions. Hanna is a big fan of NBC’s The Voice. Before Hanna auditioned, she always looked up The Voice clips on YouTube. She loves The Voice’s blind auditions because it is purely based on the singer’s vocals. 

Hanna Eyre said that Taylor Swift is an amazing songwriter. Hanna had fun while performing “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. (The “Blank Space” music video now has 2 billion YouTube views.) Hanna looks forward to building herself as an artist. Also, she enjoys working with Adam Levine.

Hanna Eyre is also on Twitter at @hannaeyremusic.