Written by Giavanna Foster

Marcus Miller will be performing at the Catalina Jazz Club from February 20 to February 23. One of his shows has already sold out. Here’s the scoop:

As an A-list musician, Marcus Miller has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Lee Ritenour, Mariah Carey, George Benson, Billy Idol, and Herbie Hancock. Marcus Miller is a multi-instrumentalist who can also sing as well as play the clarinet, guitar, keyboards, recorder, and the saxophone. He also played live music with Lee Ritenour’s band. During Ritenour’s performance of “Wes Bound”, Miller slaps the bass while creating his unique and improvised groove.

Marcus Miller is a Grammy-winning musician and instrumentalist with an international fan base. He has received multiple awards as well as nominations for his musical projects. Miller also received a nomination for his latest release, “Laid Black”, in the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album category.

Marcus Miller will be performing at Catalina Jazz Club from February 20 to February 23. Miller is listed on Catalina Jazz Club’s official calendar. Click here to go to the official calendar. Tickets for the first set of Miller’s show on February 22 have sold out. Click here for more information.