Geri Halliwell-Horner has made history by receiving an honorary doctorate degree at Sheffield Hallam University. She also delivered an uplifting speech after receiving her degree. Here’s the scoop:

Geri Halliwell-Horner is the first Spice Girl to receive an honorary degree. At Sheffield Hallam University, she received recognition for her selfless contributions. Dr. Halliwell-Horner has made a positive difference through philanthropy by helping and inspiring children while also championing women’s rights. Professor Sir Chris Husbands, the vice chancellor, spoke about her positive impact and how it exemplifies the university’s mission to transform lives. Formerly Ginger Spice, Dr. Halliwell-Horner spoke about the importance of education after receiving her Doctor of Arts degree:

“Sheffield Hallam University is a place of empowerment and inclusivity. To receive an honorary doctorate, I’m truly grateful… I always valued my education, the power of reading, the power of words… Education is power! Congratulations to all the graduates and, whatever you do, I wish you success and the best. Thank you.” – Dr. Halliwell-Horner