This year, the ARTSNLA team chose five emerging chic trends that changed the world of fashion and are featured on the runways as well as music, film, and television. Here’s the scoop:


Shania Twain rocked a denim-on-denim outfit in the iconic “Any Man of Mine” music video. Also, Sade has paired a denim shirt with denim jeans. In “The Sweetest Taboo” video, Sade also wears denim jeans. And the denim-on-denim look has even been featured on Disney! Raven-Symoné sang “Shine” while wearing a denim-on-denim look on That’s so Raven. Denim vests, jeans, and denim shirts have emerged over the past decade as true staples of expression in the world of fashion. Pink denim is also trendy, and the denim-on-denim look is totally here to stay!


Sequins and Shimmer

London Tipton wore a list of high-fashion outfits with sequins on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. London Tipton has showcased sequins in different ways from a black-and-white striped jacket with pink sequin pants to a green shimmer top with pants and gold sequin sleep mask. Now, sequins and shimmer are making another big splash on the runways. High-drama, maximalistic looks are very trendy right now. Head-to-toe sequin looks are in, and adding sequin accents to an ensemble will create more textural contrast.

Hats Galore!

More models are wearing a wide variety of trendy hats on runways and at New York Fashion Week. The variety ranges from Panama toppers and fedoras to berets, bold beanies, and fleece hats. Hats add contrasting textures to outfits, and provide the element of comfort in style. Hats also have a grand presence in the world of cinema. For example, Indiana Jones wore the trendy fedora in The Indiana Jones franchise. In Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn modeled a classic chiffon turban designed by Givenchy. The hat is a timeless staple in fashion, and it’s very trendy this year.

Ballet Flats and Mary Janes

Ballet flats became popular in the ’50s because of Brigitte Bardot. During the 2000s, the ballet flats made a strong comeback. Amy Winehouse and Alexa Chung are among the list of people who have worn this timeless shoe. It is also internationally popular, as the “French girl” look is very trendy. The mary jane shoe was also elegantly showcased at the Dior Cruise 2023 show, which featured a number of modern high-fashion outfits. This fashion show featured a group of dancers who performed choreography while wearing black mary janes. Ballet flats and mary janes are trending right now! The Dior Cruise 2023 show is a must-watch.

“This coming season, ballet flats are making a huge comeback and this is aligned with the casual and relaxed look proposed by many houses. This style was probably launched within the cosplay environment in Japan and in South Korea and then picked up by major fashion houses and launched on the catwalk. I cannot think of a better example of bottom-up trend generation than this,” Giovanni Bordone responded.

Sustainable Fashion

The future of fashion involves taking care of the planet and reducing the environmental footprint as much as possible. A list of celebrities including Emma Watson, Chris Hemsworth, and Billie Eilish support the idea of helping the planet through sustainable fashion. Jason Momoa strongly supports the idea of sustainability. Momoa has launched his very own line of sustainable vegan sneakers, which are made with algae. This line is featured in the SOILL X ON THE ROAM collection. The Aquaman star shared four tips to help the environment while mentioning energy-efficient options including solar power. He is also the founder of Mananalu, a sustainable water bottle company that helps the environment by reducing plastic waste.

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