Written by ARTSNLA Staff

A list of YouTube influencers and celebrities congratulated the class of 2020 graduates during this year’s virtual commencement event. Alicia Keys, Dude Perfect, Michael Strahan, Camila Mendes, Demi Lovato shared words of encouragement while uplifting the graduates. Here is a quick recap:

Alicia Keys sang “Underdog” and dedicated this performance to the class of 2020 graduates. Keys sang with emotional depth and radiated positivity as she played her pink grand piano. Alicia Keys also talked about the importance of empathizing with others. Keys discussed the importance of expressing your voice to create more positive changes in the world. Click here to watch the speech.

“Keep flying, keep rising. Keep your frequency high. Keep smiling. Keep working hard. Keep standing up. Keep showing out. Keep being brilliant. Don’t hold back,” Keys voiced. “Your sister Alicia Keys is right here with you. Congratulations. You did it!”

Dude Perfect delivered a motivational speech about perseverance—mainly for the athletes. As a group, they spoke encouraging words and made a few jokes. Dude Perfect also made shots on the basketball court.

“In reality, you cannot expect to make every shot you take. That’s where perseverance comes in… Just like you’re going to have misses, you’re also going to have hot days. And today is apparently a hot day for us… And just like this year has been unexpected, we believe in the class of 2020 to rise above this and make it through to the other side… Best of luck,” Dude Perfect responded.

Dude Perfect included a list of friends in their speech, who also congratulated the class of 2020 graduates. Tom Brady urged everyone to practice good habits and always show gratitude. Michael Strahan spoke about encouragement while discussing the power of persistence:

“Keep trying to be the best. Encourage each other… And most of all, encourage yourself. Don’t doubt yourself. Tell yourself you can do anything, and I guarantee you can. When you get an opportunity, take your shot… and if you miss it, continue to take shots,” Strahan spoke.

Camila Mendes delivered an empowering speech about emotional health and stability while congratulating the class of 2020 graduates. Then, Mendes shared that she moved around a lot as a kid. She discussed the importance of cultivating stability towards making progress and maintaining wellness:

“I moved around a lot as a kid so I know firsthand that stability can be found not just in a physical place. It could be figuring out habits that work for you… The point is, you can’t take your next step until you have a solid foundation and I really hope you guys find that for yourselves. I’m wishing you all the best,” Camila voiced.

Demi Lovato’s speech focused on preparing for the next chapter and staying strong together to overcome all obstacles. Demi uplifted the class of 2020 graduates while sharing empowering words about self-confidence. She also spoke about the power of perseverance while supporting the graduates.

I kept circling back to one word: perseverance… And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, but also help others. Remind yourself of our common humanity, practice kindness for yourself, and turn that into compassion for others. Create the new normal together… I challenge all of you to be confident and to persevere. I have no doubt in mind that you will. So to the class of 2020, I’m rooting for you. I’m celebrating you. Congratulations,” Demi voiced.

ARTSNLA is proud to support the class of 2020 graduates. This virtual commencement celebrates success as a result of perseverance and hope.