Written by Giavanna Foster

This year’s Rockin’ Eve, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, was a nationally televised spectacle. According to USA Today, 11.6 million people tuned in to the 2017 Rockin Eve event. Viewers experienced live performances streamed from New Orleans, Times Square, Hollywood, and St. Maarten. This year’s televised special featured celebrity artists who inspired the crowds. Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, and Hailee Steinfeld shined among the 2017 Rockin’ Eve standouts.

Demi Lovato’s tropical performance in St. Maarten was unforgettable. Celebrity Cruises hosted Lovato’s performance, which was in this Caribbean island. Demi experienced an exclusive tour of the boats in St. Maarten before her performance. With over 37 million social media fans, Demi Lovato is a true inspiration and people around the world can relate to her. Lovato united large crowds with her authentic performance of “Confident” at the 2017 Rockin’ Eve event. This live show featured purple and blue lighting, rock guitars and dynamic vocals. Click the icon below to watch Demi Lovato perform “Confident”:

Shawn Mendes’s live New York City performance created an atmosphere of joy and brought large crowds together. Mendes performed “Treat You Better”, a song about self-love and respect. In this song, Mendes sings about how he loves the girl and wants her to only settle for a man who will respect her. Shawn Mendes also performed this song as part of his set at the sold-out Madison Square Garden. (This live album is available to download on iTunes.) Mendes’s performance featured backdrops of fireworks, green lighting, smooth guitar riffs, and raw vocals. This relaxing, feel-good performance united large crowds of fans. Click the icon below to watch Shawn Mendes perform “Treat You Better”:

Alessia Cara performed live in Hollywood and inspired audiences with her set. Cara performed “Wild Things” and “Scars to Your Beautiful” at this year’s Rockin Eve event. “Wild Things” captures the spirit of spontaneity and liberty. However, “Scars to Your Beautiful” is an empowering body-positive anthem. Cara also sang this song on the Ellen show. “Scars to Your Beautiful” is Cara’s second top 40 Billboard hit. In this song, Cara sings about self-acceptance while stating that the idea of beauty should not be limited to one definition. The live performance at Rockin Eve featured raw vocals and a slide show of photographs to celebrate beauty and individuality. Click the icon below to watch Alessia Cara perform “Scars to Your Beautiful”:

Hailee Steinfeld performed “Starving” in Los Angeles. “Starving” is Steinfeld’s collaboration with electronic artists Zedd and Grey. This single is available to download on iTunes. This energetic performance featured electric blue backdrops, backup dancers and synchronized dance moves. With over 500k Twitter followers, Hailee Steinfeld united large crowds by performing her upbeat party tune. Steinfeld pumped up the crowd while the audience and her backup dancers, danced to the catchy music.

Millions of viewers tuned in to watch the New Year’s Rockin Eve event to ring in the new year, and they also learned more about American cultural traditions. For example, Lucy Hale had a great time while hosting the countdown from New Orleans. Here, she learned about the traditional Louisiana fleur-de-lis drop. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, always brings crowds together to experience unforgettable moments and watch artists who inspire with their live music. This Rockin Eve was no exception, as 11 million viewers rang in the new year together with Ryan Seacrest on ABC.

What’s next for these Rockin Eve performers? Hailee Steinfeld is nominated at this year’s Golden Globes awards show. Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, and Demi Lovato are nominated at this year’s iHeartRadio music awards.

Looks like 2017 is off to an exciting start. Stay tuned.


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