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NBC’s The Voice premiered its twelfth season on February 27. Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton will be coaching the contestants this season. After week 2 of the blind auditions, each coach discovered new talent from aspiring singers. Among the new talent, Gaby Borromeo shined. Here is our exclusive recap of Gaby’s audition:

Gaby Borromeo sang a beautiful rendition of Leona Lewis’ “Happy”. She stunned the coaches with her trained vocals. During the performance, Alicia Keys said that Gaby had a nice voice. Blake and Adam pushed the “I Want You” button during her audition. Astonished, Adam believed that Gaby’s audition would result in a four-chair turn from the coaches. Gaby connected with Adam while talking about production deals.

Also, Adam predicted that Gaby could win The Voice. He noted that, although Gaby was nervous at first, her voice shined towards the middle of the song. Blake also wanted to work with Gaby. He said that Gaby’s performance kept getting better throughout the performance. Blake added that there is nobody on his team with purple hair.

Between Adam and Blake, Gaby chose: TEAM ADAM

When Gaby was 8, she discovered her passion towards singing through karaoke. After a family party, Gaby’s relatives encouraged her parents to enroll Gaby in lessons. The lessons helped Gaby gain classical training. Gaby also recorded demos with a local Seattle producer. Since then, Gaby has earned a GED and worked with numerous production companies. Gaby also worked with John Legend during a brief stint. Gaby auditioned for Season 12 of The Voice after the production company she worked for shut down.

Gaby Borromeo is gaining a huge Twitter fan base. Also, her blind audition has over 1.2m YouTube views. Gaby tweeted to express her excitement and gratitude towards the fans:

Fans tweeted to support Gaby after watching her blind audition.

Read some of the tweets below:

Even Leona Lewis watched Gaby’s audition. Leona tweeted this to support Gaby:

A good sport, Gaby also tweeted to support Julien Martinez and Malik Davage:

Gaby Borromeo’s “Happy” is available to download from iTunes.

If you would like to purchase her single, then see the following tweet:


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