Written by Giavanna Foster

Charlie Wilson’s “I’m Blessed” is making waves on Billboard‘s Hot Gospel Songs charts. Here’s the scoop:

Charlie Wilson’s “I’m Blessed” is the first track of In It to Win It. Wilson talks about his positive transformation. Throughout this song, Wilson thanks God for giving him another chance at life and music. Wilson’s lyrics express joy, contentment towards making upbeat music, as well as his peace of mind. “Waking up thanking God / Every day is feeling just like Sunday,” Wilson sings. “I’m Blessed” now has 4,917,211 YouTube views.

“‘I’m Blessed’ says exactly where I am in my life, blessed to still be making music that people want to hear,” Wilson said. See Billboard‘s Hot Gospel Songs charts below:

8 8 2017 Billboard Gospel Songs1.JPG

Charlie Wilson’s “I’m Blessed”, an R&B-and-gospel hit, peaked at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot Gospel Songs charts. It is featured on Wilson’s In It to Win It, which peaked at #7 on the Billboard 200 charts. This album peaked at #6 on Billboard‘s U.S. Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums charts. Update: Wilson and T.I. also collaborated to record a triumphant remix. “I’m Blessed” has spent 10 weeks on Billboard‘s gospel charts. Now, Wilson’s “I’m Blessed” is #2 on Billboard‘s Hot Gospel Songs charts. Stay tuned for more updates.