Written by Giavanna Foster

Mandy Harvey’s Sensing the Rhythm will launch on September 26. Here’s the scoop:

America’s Got Talent standout Mandy Harvey is a jazz/ pop singer on the rise. She is recognized as one of today’s new shining stars being featured on the following media outlets: CNN, Los Angeles Times, NBC’s Nightly News, and The Today Show. Harvey is a finalist on season 12 of America’s Got Talent. After performing “Try”, she earned a standing ovation and kudos on social media from her new fans. Now, her performance has over 21 million YouTube views. After receiving Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent, Harvey performed at Los Angeles’ Catalina Bar and Grill.

Mandy Harvey is expanding her horizons by becoming a published author. Harvey’s first book, Sensing the Rhythm, is a powerful reflection of her journey. At 4, Harvey began to sing and her innate talent shined. While studying at Colorado State University, Harvey lost her hearing. Afterwards, Harvey’s supportive father helped her start singing again. Also, Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” helped Harvey find a new sense of joy and overcome her depression. A true inspiration, Harvey channels her pitch-perfect voice through muscle memory and visual tuners while keeping rhythm from the floor’s vibrations.

“I want to encourage you guys… This is your moment and you can’t just let it go because it’s difficult. If you have a dream, you do it… If it’s different, if it’s changed, then go around… Find the finish line and smile through it. It’s going to be okay,” Harvey said.

Now, Mandy Harvey uses her inspirational voice to uplift people. See the following tweet:

Mandy Harvey and her father began writing Sensing the Rhythm with Mark Atteberry. Moved, Atteberry believes that this book will heavily impact readers:

“We started the project in March 2016. Her story was phenomenal long before the Golden Buzzer. This book is going to change lives. It’s already changed mine,” Atteberry stated.

Mandy Harvey announced the release of Sensing the Rhythm, which is her first book. Harvey’s book will be published by Simon & Schuster. She is featured as an author on their official website. Simon & Schuster has also published the work of #1 best-selling authors like Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, and Mary Higgins Clark. See below: