Written by Giavanna Foster

Moriah Formica sang one of Kelly Clarkson’s hit songs during The Voice‘s season 13 knockouts. Noah Mac turned heads with his leaked performance. Our article features an exclusive sneak peek of The Voice‘s live playoffs. Here’s the scoop:

Grammy-winning artist Kelly Clarkson made a guest appearance during The Voice‘s knockout rounds. She will join Alicia Keys as coaches on season 14 of this television program. Clarkson advised singers on all teams during the rehearsals. Moriah Formica advanced to the live playoffs after singing Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes”. This performance showcased Formica’s powerhouse vocals and guitar skills. The Voice‘s knockout rounds were filled with a diverse range of talented singers and show-stopping performances. All clips of The Voice‘s knockouts are posted to YouTube and NBC.com.

Natalie Stovall, Lucas Holliday, Karli Webster and Whitney Fenimore received the Coach Comebacks. After being eliminated, all four singers are back in the competition. They will also perform during the live playoffs. See The Voice‘s tweet below:

Twenty-four singers remain in The Voice‘s thirteenth season. Italicized blue names are singers who received the Coach Comebacks. Here is the list:

Team Adam: Addison Agen, Anthony Alexander, Adam Cunningham, Whitney Fenimore, Emily Luther, Jon Mero
Team Miley: Ashland Craft, Moriah Formica, Janice Freeman, Adam Pearce, Brooke Simpson, Karli Webster
Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming, Lucas Holliday, Shi’Ann Jones, Noah Mac, Hannah Mrozak, Chris Weaver
Team Blake: Chloe Kohanski, Mitchell Lee, Red Marlow, Keisha Renee, Natalie Stovall, Esera Tuaolo


On Monday, November 13, The Voice‘s live playoffs will air live on NBC. The live playoffs will be aired on Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., and Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

Including the Coach Comebacks, twenty-four singers will perform next week. After the playoffs, only twelve singers will advance to the next stage. Stay tuned.

Noah Mac’s leaked performance of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” was posted to YouTube. Mac performs this song with raw vocals. Here is the exclusive sneak peek: