Written by Giavanna Foster

Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli’s collaboration peaked at the No. 1 position of YouTube Trending. It is creating buzz on social media. Here’s the scoop:

Sheeran recently teamed with Andrea Bocelli to record a classical-pop version of “Perfect”, his latest hit. Pop star Ed Sheeran has 24 million YouTube subscribers. Andrea Bocelli has sold over 70 million records. In 22 hours, the “Perfect Symphony” music video received 5.5 million YouTube views and peaked at No. 1 on YouTube Trending. 

The music video for “Perfect Symphony” takes place at Andrea Bocelli’s home in Tuscany, Italy. Here, Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli wear professional Sony headphones while singing the remix. This alternate version features Ed and Andrea’s strong vocals with an accompaniment of orchestral strings. The music video displays behind-the-scenes footage of Sheeran learning Italian words and talking with Andrea Bocelli’s team. The uplifting lyrics describe a love story with relatable lyrics. This beautiful symphony is creating buzz on Twitter and social media. Here is a featured fan tweet:

Today, this video is listed in the Top 50 of YouTube Trending. It has also received 16 million YouTube views. See the following slideshow:

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