Written by Giavanna Foster

The team at ARTSNLA picked a selection of Christmas covers on YouTube. We featured a diverse range of talented singers. Here’s the scoop:

Andrea Bocelli’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

Andrea Bocelli is a popular singer who sold over 70 million records. Bocelli has over 681,000 YouTube subscribers. David Foster introduced Andrea Bocelli after talking about his Christmases in Canada. Bocelli said his Christmases were similar to Foster’s because he gathered around the tree with his family. Then Bocelli sang with the kids and played an instrument in the middle of the song. This performance has 2 million YouTube views and 14,000 likes. At 2:55, one kid shows a priceless reaction as Bocelli hits the high note.

Hannah Kerr’s “White Christmas”

Hannah Kerr’s “White Christmas” received 2,600 YouTube views and 115 likes. Over 7,000 people subscribed to her YouTube channel. She sings this upbeat song beautifully while the band plays bright melodies. Also, the decorated background lights match the song’s theme. Kerr’s “White Christmas” is featured on Emmanuel, her latest EP. Click here for more information.


Solero Brothers’ “O Holy Night” feat. Charlie Wilson

The Solero Brothers are a duo of two Puerto Rican singers. The Solero Brothers have 33,000 YouTube subscribers. Their collaboration with Charlie Wilson has received 75,000 YouTube views. Their Spanglish version of “O Holy Night” features smooth, soulful vocals. People.com featured this single on their page.

Gardiner Sisters’ “Joy to the World”

The Gardiner Sisters have 647,000 YouTube subscribers. Together, they sing “Joy to the World” while one of the sisters plays the acoustic guitar. This performance has over 72,000 YouTube views. Their pitch-perfect, harmonized vocals are beautiful. Their decorated Christmas tree lights up the whole room.

Demi Lovato’s “Silent Night”

Powerhouse vocalist Demi Lovato has 11 million YouTube subscribers. Lovato sang a cover of “Silent Night” soulfully. Lovato’s performance received 1.6 million YouTube views and 74,000 likes. Her emotional vocals shine as she belts out the words while the piano accompaniment plays in the background. Entertainment Tonight said Demi Lovato’s cover was incredible.

BONUS VIDEO: Taeyeon’s “This Christmas” MV

Taeyeon, a member of Girls Generation, recently launched her successful solo debut. Her cover of “This Christmas” has over 4 million YouTube views and 244,000 likes. She sings pitch-perfect vocal runs in “This Christmas” while the piano and strings play in the background. It’s so beautiful that we had to include it in our list of must-watch covers.

From the team at ARTSNLA, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please help us spread the holiday cheer by sharing this article.