Written by Giavanna Foster

Jaclyn Lovey sang an Elvis Presley cover on The Voice. Now, her performance has 3 million YouTube views. Here’s the scoop:

Jaclyn Lovey performed a raw, acoustic cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. All coaches agreed that Jaclyn Lovey, 16, is a special artist. Amazed, Kelly Clarkson said that she was not singing like Jaclyn at her age. Clarkson added that nobody else on this show sounds like Jaclyn.

Alicia and Blake turned their chairs for Jaclyn Lovey. Blake Shelton said that nobody in the world sounds like Jaclyn before sharing his thoughts:

“Your voice makes you feel every word, and this is me talking,” Blake Shelton responded. “Literally, for the first time in my life, I pictured myself… while you were singing… me riding a unicorn.” Adam Levine said that this comment disqualified Shelton as a coach.

“And even though there’s vocalists in this competition that literally blow the roof off this place… I think what you do is more powerful than that,” Shelton stated. “I’ve gotta have you on my team. Please, Jaclyn.”

Alicia Keys loved Jaclyn’s pure vocals and genuine artistry. Keys also shared her thoughts:

“I think… sometimes in this world, we feel like we have to overperform everything. It’s really special that you just showed everybody that you can be simple and pure. I love listening to you sing,” Alicia Keys said. After Keys said this, Jaclyn Lovey thanked her.

“Jaclyn, you know, I’m also a huge lover of the classic songs. I really get it and I see exactly what we could do together. We’d be able to find songs that suit your voice just like this one did and we’ll keep it pure, we’ll keep it honest, we’ll keep it genuine… and it’ll be all about you. I would really love to do that with you,” Keys added.

Jaclyn Lovey said that she would love to work with Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton. In the end, Jaclyn chose to be on #TeamAlicia

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