Written by Giavanna Foster

Jackie Foster sang Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” with D.R. King. She received a triple steal on The Voice after the winner was announced. Here’s the scoop:

During The Voice‘s battle rounds, Jackie Foster and D.R. King sang “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. Together, they harmonized while showcasing their dynamic ranges and powerful voices. Today, this performance has over 1.86M YouTube views. Foster and King earned a roar of applause as well as a standing ovation from the four coaches.

Alicia Keys said this performance was her favorite battle to date. The audience cheered and clapped in agreement. Keys added that it was beautiful to hear the capacity of King’s voice and the way he had control over all sides of it. Then, she shared her thoughts on Jackie Foster’s unique vocal abilities.

“And Jackie… You, as well, have this gorgeous, roundness, and a super powerful side of your voice… but also, like, a warmth that is often hard to find in a voice that occupies a higher space. Honestly, this right here… sucks for you (while pointing to Kelly Clarkson),” Keys commented.

Adam Levine said this performance was a “special thing” before adding that both singers were exceptionally good. He added that Jackie Foster was the “real revelation” of this battle. Shelton agreed with Levine, stating that he would also cast his vote for Foster.

Afterwards, Kelly Clarkson said she loved both singers. She commented that King hit the crazy notes effortlessly. She shared a story about rehearsals while expressing that she would have to make a difficult decision.

She said, “We all were back and we were like… D.R. hit that big note, and then Jackie came in and hit that big note– I was like, oh, I’m so screwed.”

Carson Daly told Kelly Clarkson that picking the winner of this battle would be a tough decision. Before Clarkson announced the winner, she said the other singer has got to be safe. Kelly Clarkson said D.R. King was the winner.

Then, Carson Daly told the coaches that Jackie Foster is available to steal. Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton pushed the steal button. After receiving a triple steal, Jackie Foster chose to switch to TEAM ADAM.

NBC’s The Voice airs at 8/7c on Mondays and Tuesdays. Stay tuned.