Written by Giavanna Foster

The 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards took place on March 24 at The Forum. JoJo Siwa and Millie Bobby Brown were two of the main highlights. Here’s the scoop:

John Cena announced JoJo Siwa’s performance live at Nickelodeon’s 2018 Kids Choice Awards. JoJo Siwa’s colorful, high-energy performance has 850k YouTube views and 12k likes. Onstage, Siwa performed a medley of her hits while wearing a rainbow-colored outfit. First, she performed “Kid in a Candy Store” while pumping up the crowd. Then, the music sped up and Siwa performed “Hold the Drama” while performing a high-energy dance routine. Then, Siwa performed “Boomerang” with her backup dancers before getting slimed. Also, Siwa won a blimp for Favorite Musical YouTube Creator.

Millie Bobby Brown received her first blimp for Favorite TV Actress at the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards. She expressed her gratitude for every opportunity she has received while being on Stranger Things. Brown encouraged everyone to embrace to pass on the love, support, and kindness. Onstage, Brown dedicated her blimp to the Parkland victims. Brown also expressed that she wants to use her voice to make a positive difference and influence change. She honored the victims with a custom Calvin Klein denim outfit listing the names of the Parkland victims. Brown stars in Stranger Things, which received a blimp for Favorite TV Show. Brown accepted the Favorite TV show award with two of her cast members from Stranger Things. Afterwards, Brown shared this Twitter message:


Update: ARTSNLA posted a quick recap of the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards, featuring JoJo Siwa and the “Stranger Things” cast. Click here to read it.