Written by Giavanna Foster

Ayesha and Stephen Curry won $25,000 on Celebrity Family Feud. This video peaked at #2 on YouTube Trending. Here’s the scoop:

On June 25, Ayesha and Stephen Curry’s fast money performance was listed at #2 on YouTube Trending. After Steve Harvey asked Ayesha Curry if she was ready to play, Curry said she was not ready. Then, Ayesha gave Steve Harvey several number-one answers effortlessly. By giving four number-one answers, Ayesha scored a total of 194 points. To win $25,000, players need to score 200 points. See the following screenshot:

6 25 2018 #2 Trending ABC Curry family #1 answers6

After Stephen Curry walked onstage, Steve Harvey told him that he needs six points. Harvey added that, for Steph, it’s like making two shots on the basketball court.

Steve Harvey said, “If you don’t get this, you out the league”.

Steve Harvey asked Stephen Curry to tell him what age a woman may say is the perfect age to get married. When Stephen was asked to give the perfect age for women to marry, he initially said twenty-five. Because Ayesha already said this, he had to give another answer. Then Curry said “thirty”, which was the number-one answer. With this response, Stephen Curry scored 27 points.

Ayesha and Stephen scored 221 points during the Fast Money round. Together, they won $25,000 for the Community Foundation of Sonoma County. Now, this video has 517,181 YouTube views. ABC Television Network posted this video. Click here to visit their page.