Written by Giavanna Foster

Kennedy Holmes’ Adele cover received 3.9M+ YouTube views and a four-chair turn on The Voice. Here’s the scoop:

At 13, Kennedy Holmes shocked The Voice judges with her Adele cover. Holmes’ stage presence, confidence, and strong vocals left the judges in awe. Holmes received a standing ovation from the judges and audience. After the song ended, Blake Shelton said Holmes could win. The judges encouraged Holmes, agreeing that she is a special artist. 

“I think you are the best vocalist that has auditioned this year. Your voice already sounds so seasoned and accomplished and so much control, so much range,” Blake Shelton said.

Also, Kelly Clarkson was moved to tears after hearing Holmes’ performance.

“Just so you know, the most beautiful parts of your voice aren’t even the biggest. They are the intimate ones when you let that roundness of that falsetto, that head voice, like, set in. It’s so good… You deserved every one of these chairs turning around, girl, you sound so beautiful,” Clarkson added.

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After Jennifer Hudson asked Kennedy Holmes how long she had been singing, Holmes cried tears of joy. Holmes told Hudson that she sang “I Am Changing” during her first performance. Then Jennifer Hudson and Kennedy Holmes sang “I Am Changing” together. This live duet showcased Holmes and Hudson’s strong vocals.

“You are gifted. You are a star. It was an honor and pleasure just to sing with you,” Hudson said.

Then Adam Levine said Holmes may become one of the biggest stars from The Voice

“I watched you address every single person on the panel fearlessly and with all of the heart and soul that you were throwing out there… Just to see that kind of confidence naturally exist in you at such a young age… It’s unheard of. After fifteen seasons, you really could become the absolute biggest thing to ever come from this show. So you should be on my team, Kennedy,” Levine responded.
“You are a gem and I understand just how special and precious it is. And if I could instill every inch of whatever I could possibly give you, I would do that. And I would be that coach that’s there for you no matter what,” Hudson said.

Blake Shelton asked Kennedy Holmes to pick a coach. She chose to join Team Jennifer.

Many fans tweeted that Holmes could win Season 15 of The Voice. We featured tweets from @tdsheppard_, @ssoetaert22, and @buckeyebabe97. See their tweets below: