Written by ARTSNLA Staff

The L.A. Zoo is showcasing its 6th annual light show. This must-see event will resume after Christmas with exciting surprises. Here’s the scoop:

The L.A. Zoo’s ‘A Wild Wonderland of Light’ displays a memorable journey with lighting and artsy décor. In 2014, the L.A. Zoo launched the opening night for its first light show. On November 15, the L.A. Zoo’s 6th annual light show launched. It will feature an illuminated pop-up storybook, glittering snowflakes, a twinkling tunnel, a magical disco ball forest, animal characters and more.

L.A. Zoo – ‘A Wild Wonderland of Light’ (Preview)

USA Today featured the L.A. Zoo’s show in their list of America’s ten best zoo light shows. L.A. Zoo Lights is closed on Christmas Eve (December 24) and Christmas (December 25). On December 26, the Zoo will open again and its light show. This event will be showcased until January 5, 2020.

As confirmation, the L.A. Zoo sent the following tweet:

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