Written by Giavanna Foster

The Kansas City Chiefs made history during the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback, also broke new records. Here is a quick recap:

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs played at this year’s Super Bowl game. Also, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson introduced the 49ers. After the first two quarters, both teams were tied because they scored 10 points. Here is a recap of the total points both teams scored during each quarter:

  • Quarter 1: Chiefs scored 7 points. 49ers scored 3 points. (7 – 3)
  • Quarter 2: Chiefs scored 3 points. 49ers scored 7 points. (Tie: 10 – 10)
  • Quarter 3: Chiefs scored zero points. 49ers scored 10 points. (10 – 20)
  • Quarter 4: Chiefs scored 21 points. 49ers scored zero points. (31 – 20)

The final score was 31 – 20 at the end of the fourth quarter. The Kansas City Chiefs scored 31 total points, while the San Francisco 49ers scored 20 total points. The Chiefs were named champions after they scored an impressive 21 points during the fourth quarter and received the Lombardi trophy. The Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahones, helped the Chiefs make a strong comeback while working with his teammates. The Kansas City Chiefs made history by winning their first Super Bowl in fifty years. This year is Andy Reid’s twenty-first season as the NFL head coach. He set a record for the most all-time season wins before his first Super Bowl victory. Clark Hunt, the Chiefs’ Chairman and CEO, spoke after this year’s Super Bowl game:

“I’m so happy for our players, coaches, and fans, and especially Andy Reid… I want to thank the Lord for blessing our family with all these incredible people who helped us bring this championship home,” Clark Hunt responded.

At 24, Patrick Mahones made history as the youngest player to receive the Super Bowl MVP award and win a Super Bowl game. Mahomes went to Walt Disney World to celebrate the victory for the Chiefs. See the following tweet:

In addition, the Super Bowl LIV MVP Disney parks made a $1 million donation to Make-A-Wish on behalf of Patrick Mahomes. Nathaniel, one of the kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, stood in the audience with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes spoke these inspiring words:

“…We have heart… I mean, that’s just from day one. The coach pushes us to be the best people we can be… The leaders that we have on this team… They have the mindset that we’ll never give up and we’re going to fight until the end,” Patrick Mahomes voiced.

After the Chiefs won, Patrick Mahones posted the “comeback > setback” message on Twitter with a video. See the following tweet: