Written by Giavanna Foster

Selena Gomez will be launching Rare Beauty, her very own makeup line, in Summer 2020. Here’s the scoop:

Selena Gomez’s new makeup line is inspired by her latest album, Rare. It received positive reviews from a list of media outlets including Entertainment Weekly and Variety. Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly wrote about the lightness of Rare by stating that it is “an anti-weighted blanket of breathy vocals and zero-gravity synths that consistently float above pop’s sonic slipstream”. Jem Aswad from Variety raved about the album’s “sophisticated, precisely written and expertly produced music”.

Selena Gomez appeared on The Tonight Show to talk with Jimmy Fallon about her latest album. Four years ago, Gomez started working on Rare with her team. Gomez said that “Vulnerable” is one of her favorite songs on the album. After Fallon asked Gomez if she always knew the album would be called Rare, she responded by talking about what the title means to her.

“And I just said, before we finished anything, “This is going to be the name of my album,” Gomez said. “The word is so special. And it means a lot. And I think, in this time, where everyone is obsessed with feeling like they need to look the same way… who are hurting because they feel like they don’t fit in… This word is eliminating that, because you weren’t meant to look like everyone else. You’re meant to be who you are, and that’s unique, and that’s rare.”

Selena Gomez’s highly-anticipated Rare Beauty makeup line echoes the message she shared on The Tonight Show as well as the statements in “Rare” and “Who Says”. Gomez’s “Rare Beauty” channels art through confidence, individuality, and self-empowerment. Scott Friedman, the former CEO of NYX, is part of the team that’s helping Gomez create her Rare Beauty makeup line. Selena Gomez announced that Rare Beauty is launching nationwide (North America) at Sephora in Summer 2020. See the following posts: