Written by ARTSNLA Staff

This year, we watched international clips for The Voice (TV show). Here is a quick recap of the most-watched “The Voice” blind auditions:

The Voice UK: Lucy Calcines performed “Mi Gente” for her audition on The Voice UK. She sang and rapped the lyrics while dancing with high energy and a strong stage presence. Meghan Trainor and will.i.am also danced as she performed… Afterwards, Calcines received a roar of applause.

The Voice USA: Tate Brusa sang “Perfect” for his The Voice USA audition. As Brusa sang this upbeat ballad, he played chords on the Taylor acoustic guitar. Nick Jonas and Blake Shelton turned their chairs.

The Voice Ukraine: Indira Edilbaeva sang “Melodia” with passion and a pitch-perfect voice. Her hair and outfit were coordinated in a stylish black-and-purple look. Her voice soared into higher octaves as she sang throughout the performance. This beautiful performance made several people cry…

The Voice Korea: 1회] 김예지 sang ‘골목길 | 블라인드 오디션’. This performance showed a lot of vocal techniques and power. The vocal runs also seemed effortless… All the judges, including BoA and Jungkook, turned their chairs.

The Voice Spain: Rafael Ruiz sang “La quiero a morir” while an acoustic track played. Antonio and Alejandro turned their chairs while hearing this beautiful arrangement. And one of the other judges said, “Me encanta pero…”.

The Voice Mongolia: Dashnyam.G sang “Busgui” as Otgoo (a judge) sang along. The simplicity and technicality created a relatable storytelling performance…

The Voice Germany: Nico Traut sang “Play With Fire” and delivered a unique performance. He sang with emotional depth while telling a story as he sang the lyrics. He moved the audience and the judges.

The Voice Australia: At 16 years of age, Adam Ludewig sang “Leave A Light On” with unbelievable depth and received a roar of applause. During the first ten seconds, Kelly Rowland turned her chair. Ludewig received a four-chair turn from all judges: Delta, George, Guy, and Kelly.

La Voz US: Gabriel Carrero sang “La Mejor Versión de Mí” beautifully with a fashion-forward look. His pitch-perfect voice moved the judges, including Luis Fonsi. Impressed, all judges turned their chairs.

The Voice Switzerland: At 18 years of age, Remo Forrer sang “Someone You Loved”. His signature voice shined with effortless vocal runs and technicality. In the end, all judges turned their chairs for Forrer.