Written by Giavanna Foster

Silk Sonic’s new project, “Leave the Door Open”, is receiving international buzz. This new single peaked at #1 on multiple iTunes charts. Also, it peaked at #1 on YouTube’s Trending videos lists in multiple countries. Here’s the scoop:

Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open”, an R&B/ soul song, is the band’s first single. The “Leave the Door Open” video landed at #1 on U.S.’s YouTube Trending music videos list. It is also trending internationally, as it peaked at #1 on the United Kingdom’s YouTube Trending music videos list and #5 on Japan’s YouTube Trending music videos list. “Leave the Door Open” also peaked at #1 on iTunes’s charts for R&B songs as well as the chart for top songs (all genres).

With 3.8M+ streams, “Leave the Door Open” landed at #6 on Spotify’s global chart. See the following tweet:

Silk Sonic is Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s collaborative project. Also, Bootsy Collins came up with Silk Sonic’s band name. Mars and .Paak shared their thoughts about the art of songwriting and recording in the studio together:

Anderson .Paak said, “When you get in and you can jam with someone… another artist that can hold it down and you’re bouncing… That’s different. That’s different, you know, and you’re really creating a groove from scratch…”

Bruno Mars added, “You know, he [Anderson .Paak] is one of the baddest drummers I’ve ever seen… You’re gonna hear that all over the album… That’s what really inspired so much. I’ve never created music like that, with, like drums being the focus… I’ll pick up a guitar, I do it almost backwards like… ‘That’s What I Like’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ is, like, written on a piano.”

Silk Sonic’s album is called An Evening with Silk Sonic, and Bootsy Collins is featured as a host and special guest. Bruno Mars and D’Mile are the producers for this album. The release date for An Evening with Silk Sonic has not been announced yet. For more information, click here to go to Silk Sonic’s website. Stay tuned for more updates.