Written by Giavanna Foster

In October 2021, Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Joey Alexander will be performing at Dizzy’s Club—located inside New York’s Lincoln Center. Here’s the scoop:

Seven years ago, Joey Alexander debuted as a talented jazz instrumentalist. He has performed at the GRAMMYs and landed on several Billboard charts (My Favorite Things and Countdown peaked at No. 1 on Billboard 200 as well as the Traditional Jazz Albums charts). Warna peaked at #20 on the Billboard 200. Also, Joey Alexander’s music is featured on Legion of Peace, a Lori Henriques Quintet album.

Now, Joey Alexander will be performing two exclusive shows with his band at Dizzy’s Club on October 1, October 2, and October 3. The first show starts at 7:30 PM EST and the second show begins at 9:30 PM EST. Kris Funn (bass) and Kush Abadey (drums) will join him onstage. Click here for more information.

“I always communicate musically. I want my band not only to learn the form and feel of the song by ear, like I do, but also have the freedom to contribute,” Joey Alexander voiced.