Written by Giavanna Foster

On November 5, ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ will launch an extensive list of exclusive updates with Version 2.0. The official video soared to #1 on YouTube Trending. It is the last major free content update. Here’s the scoop:

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ (Ver. 2.0) is packed with exciting updates that will launch November 5. First, The Roost Cafe is coming to the second floor of the museum (right next to the art gallery). The Brewster serves coffee, which costs 200 bells per cup. You may also invite people to the roost to enjoy a cup of joe at a table by using compatible amiibo cards. Also, Kapp’n will give you a boat tour. You can find Kapp’n on the east coast of the island (near the wooden pier). For 1000 miles, Kapp’n will sing and give you a boat tour while sailing the seas to a mysterious island with new types of flowers and more.

Harv’s Island will be expanding, thanks to Harriet—his long-time friend. On November 5, a plaza with numerous shops will be constructed on Harv’s Island. You can also donate bells to help more shops open on this island. Harriet will be teaching seven new hairstyles when you visit her new hair salon.

In addition, several new features are coming to all islands. Near the island’s flag, you will find a tape deck for group stretching. With this feature, you can exercise with all villagers and the brewster. Under the Island Life 101 feature, you can read tips from Isabelle and Tom Nook. The maximum storage capacity has increased to 5,000 (three expansions were applied). If your pockets are full, then you may use a doorshed as a storage shed to hold some of the items.

Also, you will be able to enact four new island ordinances: Beautiful Island, Bell Boom, Early Bird, and Night Owl. This option is available in Resident Services (while talking with Isabelle). Here is a brief explanation of each ordinance:

  1. Beautiful Island: Your island will become beautified—which means less weeds will appear, no trash in the waters, no cockroaches will appear in homes, and there will be a higher chance of seeing hybrid flowers…
  2. Bell Boom: The selling and buying prices of items will increase.
  3. Early Bird: Villagers will wake up and go to bed at an earlier time. The stores’ business hours will change to adjust to this ordinance.
  4. Night Owl: Villagers will wake up and go to bed at a later time. As a result, the stores will also be open later at night.

New furniture updates will also be available in November 2021. There will be an addition of music boxes (which plays all music). Also, you’ll be able to navigate through any tight spaces in your island home. And new gyroid fragments will also appear on every island! You will be able to bury gyroid fragments in a hole to grow (and water) them to create gyroids. Drummoids and squeezoids are customizable, and they make uniquely creative musical sounds. Permanent ladders will also be available after you get the set-up ladder kits. You will be able to place permanent ladders next to any cliff on your island.

In addition, you will have access to a list of new recipes. First, the list of new cooking DIY+ recipes includes minestrone soup, veggie sandwich, and mushroom salad. Second, 9 new fencing recipes are coming including park, block, corrugated iron, and frozen fencing. Also, 11 reactions are coming to the new reactions notebook including double wave, stretch, jammin’ (to music), listening ears, and say cheese (mainly used when taking a picture). In addition, pro features are going to be added to the NookPhone. In the camera app, the handheld and tripod modes will add more camera angles to capture the perfect photos. The pro construction license increases the amount of bridges and inclines to 10 each. The pro decorating license will allow you to add an accent wall (to customize the look of your island home even further).

On November 5, twelve new K.K. Slider songs will be coming to the Nook Stop terminal (located inside of Resident Services): K.K. Bashment, K.K. Break, K.K. Chillwave (electronica), K.K. Chorinho (Brazilian), K.K. Dub, K.K. Fuge, K.K. Hip Hop, K.K. Lovers, K.K. Polka, K.K. Roid, K.K. Slack-Key, and K.K. Vocaloid (J-Pop). Stay tuned for more updates.