This year, the ARTSNLA team is honoring Earth Day by discussing Microsoft’s positive impact on the planet. For Microsoft, every day is an opportunity to help the environment while making a positive difference. Here’s the scoop:

Microsoft is truly dedicated to the art of sustainability as an essential element of their culture and ambitions. Since 2012, this organization has been completely carbon neutral. Today, Microsoft announced their progress towards becoming a carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste business. The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is currently being used to meet this goal by 2030. And by 2050, Microsoft plans to remove all the carbon it has emitted. Microsoft has also created packaging from bamboo and sugar cane, and extracted copper from wastewater for use in their devices.

As a thriving ecosystem, Microsoft is taking great steps to help create enduring positive environmental change. New Earth Day-themed backgrounds have been designed for Microsoft Teams video to help increase awareness about carbon negativity and water usage. Also, custom Microsoft Edge browser themes designed to highlight the importance of environmental stewardship are coming soon. And new emojis have been launched on Microsoft Teams. Click here to read more info.