Written by Giavanna Foster

Brian Culbertson is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter. His latest album, The Trilogy: White, was released on May 6, 2022. Now, The Trilogy: White has landed at No. 1 on iTunes. Here’s the scoop:

Brian Culbertson’s The Trilogy: White is the third part of his set of trilogy albums. The theme of this jazzy album is hope, and it includes collaborations with a diverse list of featured musicians. Culbertson’s latest album showcases the elements of technicality, creativity, outstanding production, and teamwork. The Trilogy: White landed at No. 1 on iTunes, and it carries the theme of hope through uplifting music. Also, “Step into Love” landed at #10 and four more tracks landed in the Top 20. See the following slideshow:

With The Trilogy: White, Brian Culbertson is truly expanding his horizons as a producer and songwriter. Track 4, “Dance with Me Tonight”, incorporates Latin elements and features Althea Rene on the flute. Also, Culbertson shared that he sang on Track 2: “Stars” on The Hang (streams on his YouTube channel). Honestly, Culbertson’s set of trilogy albums is incredible and well thought out…

Brian Culbertson voiced, “Hearing the three albums in a row provides the context. All the songs on Red were clearly about passion and love. Blue is melancholy and sad songs, breakup songs and ‘losing people’ songs. Once you get to part three, White is all about songs that have an uplifting feel to them. Emotionally, they all feel similar even though they are stylistically broad.”