Johnny Depp has emerged as a champion and relatable man of integrity after speaking up in the defamation case against Amber Heard. Here’s the scoop:

By speaking his pure truth while standing for justice, Depp won on all three counts of the defamation lawsuit. The jury in Virginia ruled that Amber Heard de-famed Depp’s image by writing an op-ed article that was published to The Washington Post. Furthermore, the jury’s final verdict was solely based on objective facts and evidence. This defamation case raises awareness about how men also face abusive situations. It also symbolizes justice as a result of perseverance and taking a firm stand for the truth.

Depp shined a positive light by voicing his support towards anyone (man or woman) who is facing a similar situation of abuse that he has experienced. Surprisingly, Heard did not seem to face any perjury charges for lying under oath. Also, Johnny Depp shared this emotional post to Instagram after the trial: