This week, Pentatonix and Jimmy Fallon launched new holiday-themed music. Here is a quick recap:

Pentatonix’s new album, Holidays Around the World, showcases the elements of technicality and syncopation. The group’s signature harmonious sound is consistent throughout this album. A new video launched for Track 6: “Prayers for This World”. With over 300k views, it quickly emerged as one of the Top 5 most-watched videos on their YouTube channel. This song emphasizes peace and hope as a power that creates positive change. Its lyrics describe the art of healing by uplifting others: “Raise up our hands and rise together / It’s got to be now / It’s now or never / Prayеrs for this world / We’ve got to save us all…”

Holidays Around the World features collaborations with Meghan Trainor, Lang Lang, Lea Salonga, and more… This album celebrates diversity, world music, and the power of harmony!

Jimmy Fallon announced his new holiday-themed single live on The Tonight Show. This year, Fallon collaborated with Dolly Parton. Also, Fallon shared that Dolly Parton is “one of my favorite people of all time”. Jimmy Fallon shared that he wrote the song they sang together as a duet. This single was released today on all streaming platforms and iTunes. “Almost Too Early for Christmas” is released through Republic Records (UMG). This fun, upbeat tune captures the excitement towards Christmas and the holiday season. Also, Jimmy Fallon shared that he is a fan of Mariah Carey’s music:

…Can we listen to Christmas music? Is it too early? Can we put on Mariah Carey now? I say, ‘Yeah, if it’s good, you should be able to,” Jimmy Fallon said on The Tonight Show.