Written by ARTSNLA Staff

Selena Gomez is a recording artist, actress, and UNICEF ambassador who launched her “Rare Beauty” makeup line last year. Now, “De Una Vez” is soaring at the top of this week’s YouTube Trending list. Here’s the scoop:

Selena Gomez’s “De Una Vez” is her first Spanish-language single. Today, “De Una Vez” landed at #1 on the YouTube Trending list. It is also #1 in the Top Latin songs chart on iTunes. In 21 hours, Gomez’s “De Una Vez” video received 1.1M likes and 8.8M+ YouTube views. Also, the “De Una Vez” video showcases nature as a powerful healing element. Gomez wore a pink Rodarte dress with silk flowers in her hair. She sings about healing from heartbreak and finding her strength.

“I hope the message of hope comes across after acknowledging the pain and hurt,” Selena Gomez voiced.